PLEASE NOTE that payments must be made within 48 hours of making the order. If you have made an order, and are late paying, it may result in you losing your order if stock runs out in the time it takes for you to pay. This will result in a refund and an order cancellation. It is always best to make your payment as soon as possible once you make your order for this reason.




Please send your payment to '' via Paypal with the order number (e.g #1234) written in the notes with the payment. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE ANY DETAILS OF YOUR ORDER WITH THE PAYPAL PAYMENT OTHER THAN JUST THE ORDER NUMBER. (E.G. DON'T MENTION THE NAME OF THE PRODUCT). Unfortunately PayPal doesn’t like us using their services due to the nature of the products we sell, which is a shame, so we have to be careful with the information we give them. Once we receive payment, we will have your order ready to ship immediately. 



PLEASE NOTE, INTERNATIONAL BANK TRANSFERS TAKE AT LEAST 4 DAYS TO SHOW UP IN OUR ACCOUNT. We will only ever ship an item once we have received the payment, so we apologise in advance if an international bank transfer slows things down.

Please make a bank transfer with the following details. For the UK you only need the Name, account number and sort code.
For orders outside the UK, you will need to include the IBAN/SWIFT codes.



Account Number: 28424410

Sort Code: 07 02 46

IBAN: GB90 NAIA 0702 4628 4244 10



Nationwide Building Society
448 Wimborne Road,
United Kingdom 

Send a payment for any product listed on our website by sending us an offer on our 'Green Eyed Creeper Logo Sticker' eBay listing

In order to use this method, you will need an eBay account.

You must then follow the link below to the listing.

You should find our logo on eBay listing, which is valued at £100.

Next you need to select 'make offer', and send us an offer matching the cost of your order on our website.

When making the offer, you will be given the option to send a message with your offer. Use this option to send us a message with your order number (e.g. #1234).

Once we receive your offer, we will accept it. You will then be prompted to make the payment through eBay.

DO NOT GIVE ANY INFORMATION OF THE PRODUCT YOU ARE BUYING! Only the order number, and nothing else.


Your order will be sent off once payment has been received.