The BEST way to make CBD Flower Tea

From aches and pains, to a good nights sleep… to other various ailments ranging in severity. The claims made by users of CBD about its long list of health benefits seem to have taken the world by storm, with people across the globe turning to this once barely known substance. With scientific research still in progress, the CBD industry remains on an upward slide, as it’s users continue to enjoy its benefits.
With laws changing from country to country and state to state, the once demonised black market best seller has made its way onto the mainstream high street shelves, with many of its users testifying the plants therapeutic properties.


Here in the UK, cannabis is still illegal, however, it’s genetic cousin has been making the rounds more than ever…that being: Industrial Hemp! Currently, the UK regulations specify that hemp derived products are allowed a maximum of 0.2% THC, and that each product contains no more than 1mg. But this is where CBD has a little more room to flex.

Oils, balms, vape fluids, gummies, isolates, and of course, the lovely sticky icky (or industrial hemp flowers) are all included in the long list of products bursting at the seams with high CBD content.

CBD (Cannabidiol) is the second most prevalent compound of the cannabis plant, but is also the part of the plant most effective in treating pain, anxiety, and various other ailments. It is an anti inflammatory, an antioxidant, an antipsychotic, an antiemetic (reduces nausea), an anticonvulsant, it has effects on neurotransmitters in the brain to help regulate serotonin (relieves depression), and also has neuroprotective properties reducing symptoms of neurological disorders (such as Parkinson’s disease, MS and epilepsy). It’s even considered to fight cancer and tumour cells! Pretty cool right?



So… with all that said… How do I make the tea? Today, our focus will be on making tea with CBD hemp flower, and the best method of making that perfect brew. This method can also work with high THC cannabis, and you might even find that using both high CBD hemp and high THC cannabis works better for you.

When I say the ‘best’ way to make a CBD/THC tea, I mean the most effective method of achieving the a potent brew. In terms of taste, I am going to let you decide what your preference is, as this can be subjective.



⁃ 0.5g - 1g of CBD Hemp Flower (or weed, or both)

⁃ Baking paper (for decarboxylation)

A grinder


A pot and stove

⁃ An oven

⁃ A knob of butter (or coconut oil)

⁃ Milk (Whole Dairy Milk or Coconut Milk)

⁃ Honey or Sugar

⁃ (Optional: Herbal Tea)



We need to first understand, that although sticking your CBD tea flowers in boiling water and hoping for the best does work, by doing this you are missing out on a lot of the compounds within the flower.

When you hold your raw CBD or THC flower in your hand, you are not actually holding a flower full of CBD or THC. In fact, you are holding a flower full of CBDA and THCA, two cannabinoids that basically don’t do much. When these two cannabinoids reach a certain heat, they go through a process called ‘decarboxylation’, and convert themselves into CBD and THC. This is why smoking cannabis is the most common form of consumption. The THCA decarboxylates in the process of burning. This is also why cannabis edibles are a fun favourite. The THCA decarboxylates in the process of baking, and can be ingested in the form of THC! So, with that said, we will decarboxylate our raw hemp/cannabis flowers first.



Step 1.1 - Heat oven to 250 Fahrenheit

Step 1.2 - Line baking tray with Baking paper

Step 1.3 - Grind your flowers until they can be thinly spread across the baking paper

Step 1.4 - Bake for 40 minutes You should have a very dry product by the end.


This is your decarboxylated flower, and you are now ready to move onto the next step. Keep hold of any decarboxylated flowers you won’t use for next time to save yourself some time doing this step all over again.



Now you have your decarboxylated flowers, it is now time to heat some water up to boil these bad boys. One thing I will quickly mention, is don’t add lemon juice whilst you’re brewing your tea. A lot of guides seem to suggest this is a good idea, but I personally am against it, as the citric acid within the juice can damage the cannabinoids within the tea.

Whilst you’re waiting for the water to boil on your stove, measure your binding agents. What is a binding agent? Well, simply put, they are something oily, and something fatty. In order for your decarboxylated CBD flowers to work their magic, the cannabinoids need to make their way into your bloodstream effectively, and in turn, flow up to your brain. By using a binding agent, you are essentially allowing the cannabinoids to cross over. order to do this:

Step 2.1 - Add half a tea spoon of butter or coconut oil to your water.

Step 2.2 - Add 2 and a half tablespoons of dairy whole milk or coconut milk.

Step 2.3 -Allow water to boil and add your decarboxylated flowers.

Step 2.4 - Boil for 10 minutes



Congrats! You’ve got your tea! Now you just need to add the finishing touches. CBD and THC flowers have a rather peppery taste, so if you feel that you want something to counter this, your best bet is to add something sweet (honey or sugar), and also some more of the whole dairy milk or coconut milk you used earlier.

Some people also like to add various other types of herbal tea to the brew to add flavour. Cinnamon is popular choice for taste.

A lot of people will add the flowers to the tea rather than try to filter them out, and simply swallow them with their drink. Waste not, what not... right? And that’s it!

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